Instruction Manuals

To help our customers evaluate whether our fuselages are something that they can accomplish we provide the following online manuals in .pdf format for reference purposes. Modelers getting started should have some basic model airplane building skills and may need to purchase tools for building and shaping balsa in addition to any finishing materials and tools needed.

The instruction manuals detail the exact steps in order of assembly. Each item that is more complicated has additional steps and includes the key points in the written content for a given step. The manual in addition to the full size plans give the builder a complete reference for assembling their fuselage. We decided before writing the instruction manuals that it was essential to build up the fuselage using the intended helicopter mechanics.

For those modelers who are installing a different mechanics, just follow along in the manual and check for any differences along the way, making any adjustments needed. We are always interested in hearing from you during your build or after the model is completed which helps us in improving the kit.