Raptor Shaft Tail Drive Adapter


Availability: Instock.

This tail belt to shaft drive adapter simplifies the installation of model helicopter mechanics that use a tail belt. We have successfully installed our adapter on the Thunder Tiger Raptor 30-50, JR Airskipper, Logo 20 and Trex 600 helicopter, but any model that uses a 22mm tail boom that is mounted on top of the mechanics can be adapted. The goal was to move the tail shaft take-off to the bottom of the mechanics and provide a reliable connection to our Universal Contour tail drive shaft as installed into any scale fuselage that has a low mounted tail boom. This has been the primary restriction for Raptors and similar tail belt driven models from being suitable to install into many currently available scale fuselages. The concept is simple, use a shorter tail belt to drive the input pulley on the adapter, then convert using a gear box to a shaft.

We include all the necessary components with the adapter as seen in the photo along with two tail belts for the mechanics. The longer tail belt is designed for the models like the Raptor which thread the belt around the outside of the main gear and the shorter tail belt is for models like the Logo20 which use a smaller tail output pulley. Our Apache 50 and Cobra 60 kits include our 4mm Universal Contour tail drive shaft and couplers to make the connection from the steel output take-off shaft. The way that we have designed the output of the adapter ensures that there will never be any alignment problems when mating the flexible shaft assembly to the adapter. This is one of the key problems we have eliminated in our design that seems to be an ongoing problem with other fuselages.

Compatible Models List:

  • Logo 20
  • JR Airskipper 50
  • Thunder Tiger 30-50 Raptor
  • Trex 600
  • (tail belt driven models using a 22mm diameter tail boom)

Feature List:

  • High quality machined and strong injection molded bevel gears.
  • T6061 Aluminum side frames with quality bearings & hardware.
  • Injection molded upper tail drive belt pulley included.
  • Longer Raptor 50 belt and shorter Logo 20 belt included.
  • Reduces tail drive system stress through front tail belt.
  • All rotating shafts are supported on quality ball bearings.
  • Perfectly aligned adapter take-off and flexible tail shaft.
  • Suitable for tail belt driven mechanics that need a low tail take-off.
  • As simple as changing a tailboom to install or remove.

Required Items:

  • 4mm Universal Contour tail drive shaft & couplers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: Do you sell replacement gears and parts?
    A: Yes. All parts for the adapter are packaged and available.
  2. Q: Will your adapter work for the 60-90 class models?
    A: It depends. The adapter is designed for a tail boom diameter of 22mm, popular in 30-50 models. If your helicopter uses the 22mm tail boom, then there is an excellent chance of it fitting your model. Please contact us about your particular details before you buy.
  3. Q: I have been told you cannot use a heading lock gyro, is this true?
    A: We have rigorously tested our tail adapter and heavy duty 4mm flexible tail shaft on a Raptor using a Futaba 401 heading lock gyro and high speed tail servo. Some of our flying was intentional to try to break the tail system. We were unable, however we also inspected the key set screws and pins after each flight. Heading lock gyros are completely compatible with our flexible tail shaft.
  4. Q: I have heard about many crashed models using flexible tail shafts, how is yours better?
    A: There are two secrets when using flexible shafts. First, use an appropriate diameter shaft to handle the torque of the current trend of popular model engines. Second avoid alignment related problems between the flexible shaft and the tail output shaft on the mechanics. Our adapter and flexible tail shaft solves both of these fundamental issues.