AH-64D Apache 50 Conversion Kit


Availability: Instock.

The Apache Longbow conversion kit is a upgrade to the avionics bays on our AP100 AH-64A Apache 50 fuselage kit, which are mounted below the cockpit and run from the nose to the rear of the armament stub wings. The avionics bays are the only obvious differences in this conversion between the AH-64A and 64D Apache variants when looking at the fuselage. Simply exchange the parts in the Apache 50 fuselage kit during assembly.

Some care is needed during assembly because the left and right sides of the avionics bays are not the same. Take your time and build one left and one right side. Whether your mechanics are glow powered or electric, spend a little time to plan out which access panels can be installed to house switches, remote glow plug connectors and charge recepticles.

Compatible Fuselage List:

  • Designed for the AP100 Apache AH-64A fuselage kit.

Feature List:

  • High quality laser cut balsa and plywood interlocking parts.
  • Full size building plan with instructions.

Front Right Side

The D-Variant avionics bays wrap around the front of the nose on the Apache and are taller than on the A-Variant. Also note that the right and left side of the bays different and care must be taken during assembly to build one left and one right.
Right Profile

The avionics bays are distinctly segmented as they run from the the front of the fuselage to behind the stub wings. The right side runs flat under the stub wing as compared to the right that is angled and is flush with the leading edge of the stub wing before jogging below it.
Rear Left Side

Most noticeable is the larger segment at the rear of the avionic's bay that is both taller and flairs outward and at an angle from the fuselage. This rear portion is the same on both left and right sides.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What else do I need with the conversion kit?
    A: The conversion kit is designed to be install during the build of the AP100 Apache 50 fuselage kit. Simply assemble the new avionics bays following the instructions on the building plan, then install to the fuselage following along with the instruction manual.
  2. Q: How do I access the left side landing gear bolt, now covered by the bay?
    A: There are a couple of simple solutions. An access hole can be drilled in the outer wall of the avonics bay and covered with a matching piece of covering material, although the hole could be left open or a small plug could be fabricated. The landing gear bolt can also be reversed and have the nut on the outside which is easier to hold with pliers as the bolt is tightened with an allen key from inside.
  3. Q: How can I mount my on/off switch and charge recepticle?
    A: Follow the instructions in the manual for the AP100 Apache. A similar access panel can be designed into the new avionics bays during construction. Modelers can be creative and build scale access panels like the full size helicopter or simpler panels as needed on a specific model.