Electric SuperCobra Fuselage Kit

The following photo series shows a selection of photos from the instruction manual to give you a better idea of exactly what you will be involved with as you build this fuselage. Construction photos are clear and include numbered keys to help you find the correct pre-cut part on the sheets.

Left & right eSuperCobra plywood fuselage sides bonded to balsa sheeting.  Framed up lower mechanics with interlocking parts to form the box frame.
Marking and drilling the main mechanics mounts in the hardwood rails.  Scale landing gear doubler blocks bonded to inside of main fuselage.
Battery access hatch assembled with magnets for easy removal.  Detail of nose section with formers and curved balsa sheeting.
Front view of fuselage with base installed for nose avionics.  Details of the front of the fuselage sheeting on the eSuperCobra.
Exhaust frame assembled and capped with balsa to form the divider.  Upper fuselage sides with interlocking transmission rails attached.
Upper fuselage framed up with engine nacelle bulkheads.  Stringers attached to the engine nacelle before sheeting.
Top doghouse framed up and installed on the upper fuselage.  Engine nacelles with balsa sheeting and rough sanding completed.
Assembled toothed and smooth pulleys to bend the belt into the elevated tail.  Outer portion of the adjustable tail tube bonded into the tail formers.
Assembled tail section with formers and pulleys installed with tail boom.  Tail gear box assembled and positioned into the inner tail boom section.
Final sheeting on tail boom and elevated tail, fins are not bonded yet.  Exhausts are assembled and shaped before attachment to the upper fuselage.
Overall shot of the sheeted doghouse and upper fuselage with rotorhead cutout.  Close up shot of the finished and detailed engine exhausts after painting.
Overall shot of the canopy structural formers before assembly.  Canopy bulkheads assembled on to the canopy side skin and mount rails.
Shot of the rear canopy formers installed under the front of the doghouse.  Front of the cockpit with balsa sheeting and mount slots for canopy formers.
Finished formers with clear canopy installed for final trimming.  Stub wings formers are framed up on main spars, note the alignment guides.
Completed stub wings after sheeting and the wing tip armament mounts attached.  Stub wings test fitted to fuselage side without armament provisions.
20mm three barrel cannon with barrel separators and turret cover.  Completed 7 tube FFAR rocket pod and adjustable weapons pilon.
Completed Tow missile mount and adjustable weapons pilon.  Assembled scale landing gear mounted to lower fuselage.
Detail of the installed tail belt exiting the Swift 550 mechanics.  Detail of the main mechanics precision fit into the fuselage.
Finished tail rotor pilon with rear access panel removed.  Overall shot of the assembled eSuperCobra before finishing work.