Electric Apache Fuselage Kit

The following photo series shows a selection of photos from the instruction manual to give you a better idea of exactly what you will be involved with as you build this fuselage. Construction photos are clear and include numbered keys to help you find the correct pre-cut part on the sheets.

Left & right Apache plywood fuselage sides bonded to balsa sheeting.  Left & right balsa tail boom sections with reinforcement triangle stock.
Plywood elevated tail frame started with tail tube & elevator pivot mount.  Rudder bellcrank uses two linear pushrods for rudder control.
Elevated tail cap cover for the tail gearbox is framed up.  Elevated tail cap attached to the fuselage tail boom, very scale in appearance.
Cockpit windshield structure framed up before sheeting with balsa.  Front chain gun with barrel assembly, recoil adapter and gun back.
Left & right side closeup view of the TADS turret components.  Wing pilon and mount with rocket pod installed, ready for painting.
Wing pilon and mounting system for Hellfire missile launcher, ready for painting.  Flight battery installs under the removeable cockpit for easy access.
Primed cockpit windshield structure with swashplate front fairing tab.  Primed engine fairing with engine nacelles attached, rivets & card panels.
Close up of swashplate fairing with radar jammer and laser cut card panels.  Right side of lower fuselage primed with card panels & front strut placement.
Close up of front Oleo strut securely installed through fuselage front panel.  Overall shot of Swift mechanics installed in lower Apache fuselage.
Same view of Swift mechanics in the lower Apache fuselage but from the front.  Primed tail boom with tail drive shaft cover, primed in white for final sanding.
Bottom view of tail boom with Doppler radar, VHF antenna and access panels.  Detailed tail boom with rivets, tail wheel, rear elevator & chaff dispenser.
Detailed lower fuselage with Swift mechanics, note rivet details on wing pilons.