Electric Apache Fuselage Kit

Availability: Instock.

This AH-64A model fuselage was modeled to fit the Century Swift 550 electric helicopter but we include the extra parts in the fuselage to allow customers to fit the Swift 550 or the Logo 10 directly and modelers with a Trex 500 need to drill 4 new holes and get the narrow width tail drive belt. After releasing the electric eCobra fuselage, the Apache was the very next model for these mechanics. This Apache fuselage will exceed your expectations about just how detailed a fuselage can be with many scale details and card stock panels. These seemingly simple items transform a good Apache fuselage into a highly detailed and accurate Apache that reflects a modernized AH-64A used in current combat theatres.

As all of our fuselages are very light-weight, this Apache is no exception and will accept similarly sized electric mechanics in the 500 class. The scale landing struts are carbon composite and include the functional Oleo struts and wheels. The tail gear is equally scale inside the replica tail wheel support. Installing the mechanics and tail drive system is very straight forward and we have laid it out in a logical method to make building the Apache as simple as possible. We recommend using one of the flat military covering materials (Monokote) but experienced modelers can finish the fuselage with 1/2oz fiberglass cloth with resin, prime the surface, add the rivet details then airbrush directly on the finished surface for an unbelieveable scale appearance. This method works very well for camouflage paint schemes like we used on the eCobra. It really is up to the builder to decide how to best finish their model. The Apache is just packed full of scale details and functional items that will make building our fuselage a pleasure. New modelers should be aware that between opening your new AH-64A Apache fuselage and finishing the model can take between 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how much time you can commit to building and finishing.

Compatible Models List:

  • Century Swift 550
  • Mikado Logo 10
  • (most 500 class electrics)

Feature List:

  • High quality laser cut balsa and plywood interlocking parts.
  • Clear windows included for the windshield and upper cockpit windows.
  • Upper transmission bay and cockpit easily detaches to access mechanics.
  • Scale carbon composite landing struts with functional main Oleo struts and wheels.
  • Hellfire launchers, rocket pods, 30mm Chain Gun & TADS turret included.
  • Laser detectors, blue force tracker, GPS antenna and chaff dispenser included.
  • Laser cut card stock access and maintenance panels for added true scale appearance.
  • Scale actuated rear elevator included with provisions for optional control servo.
  • Short vertical tail pushrod and tail bellcrank pivot components included.
  • Longer tail drive belt, timing pulley and idler pulley for tail included.
  • Telescoping tail boom section in tail to adjust belt length.
  • Mounting plates included for both the Swift 550 and Logo 10 mechanics.
  • Step by step instruction manual with construction photographs & full size plan.

Required & Optional Items:

  • Flat covering material (Monokote) or similar finishing materials & tools.
  • Suitable rudder pushrod to match the type of gyro & rudder servo being used.
  • Optional: Flexible pushrod & standard servo to actuate the rear scale elevator.
  • Optional: Flexible pushrod & mini servo to actuate the front 30mm chain gun rotation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: How do I adjust the belt tension?
    A: In the elevated tail section, we have you build a telescoping section of tailboom where the outer section is bonded into the tail framework and the inner is connected to the tail gearbox, providing the tension adjustment. Once the tension is set, you tighten a clamp style collar to secure them in position.
  2. Q: Do I use my original tail belt?
    A: No. We include a longer tail belt with ball bearing pulleys to bend the belt around the corner in the elevated section of the tail boom.
  3. Q: Where are the door handles?
    A: These are the only items shown in the photos that are not included. These are Baumann #307021 handles from Starwood Scale Models.
  4. Q: Will an ARF version be offered?
    A: No. We plan to keep our products in assembly kit format to make future kit upgrades possible.
  5. Q: I have a Logo 10, are there any special mounting requirements?
    A: No, we include an additional mechanics mount plate for the Logo 10 to substitute instead of the original part for the Swift 550. The Logo 10 has the tail boom mounted higher on its mechanics which requires a different part.
  6. Q: I have a Trex 500, will it fit the fuselage?
    A: The short answer is no. Dimensionally, the Trex 500 will fit inside the fuselage by drilling 4 new holes in the mechanics mount to match the Trex landing gear mount points. The problem is a narrow tail drive belt is needed for the Trex 500 mechanics and we have abandoned our search to find a reasonably priced belt. It is a direct fit in all other areas.