Electric Cobra Fuselage Kit

The following photo series shows a selection of photos from the instruction manual to give you a better idea of exactly what you will be involved with as you build this fuselage. Construction photos are clear and include numbered keys to help you find the correct pre-cut part on the sheets.

Left & right eCobra plywood fuselage sides bonded to balsa sheeting.  Framed up fuselage sides with bottom installed, note landing gear mount points.
Marking and drilling the main mechanics mounts in the hardwood rails.  Detail of nose section with formers and kerf bending of triange stock.
Plywood elevated tail stacked frame started with cross members.  Timing and idler pulleys and tail belt positioned in elevated tail.
Elevated tail and drive system mated to bottom fuselage frame.  Tail boom section installed in elevated tail with rudder pushrod guide.
Top and bottom finished surfaces of balsa elevators, ready to install.  Elevators installed to the tail boom of the fuselage with joiner.
Cockpit windshield structure framed up from plwood base ready for sheeting.  Front view of fuselage with base installed for nose avionics.
Cobra nose installed and shaped with mount to support TSU turret.  Completed teardrop shaped top fairing with cutout for rotor head.
Framed up and balse sheeted stub wings for armament provisions.  Completed Tow missile mount and adjustable weapons pilon.
Completed 7 tube FFAR rocket pod and adjustable weapons pilon.  20mm three barrel cannon with barrel separators and pivot mount.
Detail of the actuator arm that can be optionally connected to move the cannon.  Rudder pushrod secured to former at back of mechanics, note triangle gussets.
Mounting the Swift mechanics to the main fuselage using original holes.  Completed tail rotor assembly with cover removed, note tail boom clamp.
Complete mechanics access, with top fairing and cockpit removed.  Plenty of space for a fully detail cockpit in the front of the fuselage.