Cobra 60-90 Fuselage Kit

The following photo series shows a selection of photos from the instruction manual to give you a better idea of exactly what you will be involved with as you build this fuselage. Construction photos are clear and include numbered keys to help you find the correct pre-cut part on the sheets.

Left & right Apache plywood fuselage sides bonded to balsa sheeting.  Left & right balsa tail boom sections with reinforcement triangle stock.
Plywood elevated tail frame started, note rear elevator pivot mounts.  Rudder bellcrank uses two linear pushrods for rudder control.
Elevated tail attached to the fuselage tail boom, notice short section of tail tube.  Closeup of rudder bellcrank with pushrods and clevis keepers installed.
Forward mounting bay for rudder servo (left) and optional elevator servo.  Right side access panel for switch, remote glow connector and fueling valves.
Interlocked balsa engine exhausts started and rough sanded for burrs.  Cockpit windshield structure framed up before sheeting with balsa.
Wing pilon and mounting system for Hellfire missile launcher, ready for painting.  Wing pilon and mount with rocket pod installed, ready for painting.
Primed chain gun with barrel assembly, recoil adapter and gun back.  Detail of main landing gear with Oleo strut with open access panel.
Right front view of the completed Apache with TADS and weapon systems, no glass yet.  Same view but looking on top of the Apache from the front.
Overall rear right view of the tail section, elevator and engine exhausts.  Detail shot of the right side from the rear, note detailed engine exhaust nozzles.
Left side from the rear, the muffler diverter can just be seen beside the Hellfire mount.  Longer shot of the left side, with details of the tail rotor mounted on same side.
Closeup of the front left side, with TADS and the 30mm chain gun.