AH-1W SuperCobra Electric Fuselage Kit

Each fuselage kit includes all the materials to build the scale fuselage as magestic as shown on our website. Each kit includes all the scale details like wing pilons, weapon stores, antenna, scale landing gear and a step by step, photo illustrated instruction manual with full size building plan. Each kit is carefully packaged to deliver a high quality, low cost fuselage kit that will certainly turn heads at your local flying field.

Our fuselages are built-up models that start from balsa wood and light plywood which provides the modeler with options simply not available with many other fuselages. Any modeler, especially model airplane enthusiasts will immediately see how flexible this type of construction can be and empowers the builder to be creative in adding scale features and details on their own.

Before a single piece of wood is cut on a new fuselage, we completely model the fuselage and its intended mechanics in a modern 3D CAD (computer aided design) environment which enables us to pin-point problems areas and make sure that your the helicopter mechanics will fit properly. While this is not the common trend in building fuselages, we believe that our methodology makes our products better suited for beginners getting started and we include a fully detailed instruction manual with building plan. We include more documentation in our fuselages because we firmly believe that you should have the necessary information to build our fuselages.